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Lost White Tribes - Journeys among the Forgotten
"A humanistic book, revolving around tales of dying places and dying communities, around people who live surrounded by old furniture, old verandah, old books…The lost white tribes are individuals living a chapter of history that for the rest of the mankind is forever closed. Which is why, despite Riccardo Orizio's sympathy with these obscure heroes, his is nevertheless an anti-colonial book, a demonstration of the fact that this particular human adventure can never be re-lived. It belongs to the past and to the past only…Above all, this book is a wonderful piece of reportage. It is the book of a man who has travelled to remote places and come back with a completely new map of the colonial world".
Ryszard Kapuscinski

Lost White Tribes
Journeys among the Forgotten

Secker & Warburg
London, 6 April 2000

Lost White Tribes
Journeys among the Forgotten
London, 1 March 2001
Riccardo Orizio is an Italian author and reporter whose books have been published in several countries. His award-winning travel narrative is mostly based on places, peoples and issues that belong to the so-called "developing world".

Tribù bianche perdute
Viaggio tra i dimenticati
Roma, Ottobre 2000
Click inside for a selection of reportages from Albania, Nicaragua, Turkey, Cyprus, Greece, Bosnia, Sudan, India and Great Britain. The following writing covers issues from child labor to the Balcanic wars, from money laundering to modern slavery.

Lost White Tribes
The Free Press
New York, July 2001

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Vergeten Blanke Stammen
Amsterdam, October 2000
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